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ABC Coconut Chicken Soup

ABC Coconut Chicken Soup 🥔🥕🍗🍲 Very sweet and flavourful 😋 Feel myself going downhill, and this is one of those days that I can’t pull myself together to pretend to be cheerful. This is the only thing I can put in the table tonight. I feel abit better knowing that I am still trying to… Continue reading ABC Coconut Chicken Soup


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Collagen Broth

The creamiest, milkiest collagen stock 美人锅!🤤🤤🤤 I’ve been trying to develop a new recipe that yields the best collagen broth ever and I’ve finally succeeded 🤗🤗 I made this in the morning and it is ready in the evening, spending only 8 hours in the thermal cooker 💪🏻 Despite how easy and how fast this… Continue reading Collagen Broth

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Nasi Liwet

🥥🍚 Nasi Liwet (Rice cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and herbs) 🍖Crispy Luncheon Meat 🌰Crispy Tau Kwa with Kicap Cili 🍳Omelette Strips 🍹Bandung Drink made by Benny Simpson I was abit tired of cooking Nasi Lemak and was hoping to try something new🤞🏻The rice absolutely blew me away with the first bite!! 🤤🤤🤤 It… Continue reading Nasi Liwet

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Radish Stew

🍯🐟Honey Soy Salmon 🥘Radish Stew 🥔🌶️Stirfry Potato Strips Anyhow clear-the-fridge dinner 💪🏻 Radish Stew is a new dish I came up with💡 It is very very flavourful and appetizing! 🤤 Super happy with it 🤗🤗🤗 Potato strips and salmon are our usual favourite dishes 😋 Ingredients: 2 cloves garlic, chopped Spring onion white, chopped Thumb… Continue reading Radish Stew

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Sausage and Egg English Muffins

Sausage and Egg English Muffins, made with homemade bread and sausage patties! 🍖🍳🍔 Served with ice cold lemongrass and Pandan tea brewed in thermal cooker ❄️☕ Hash browns cooked by Benny while I cooked the rest! ❤️ Ingredients: 2 tsp instant yeast 300g bread flour 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 1 large egg 160ml… Continue reading Sausage and Egg English Muffins

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Satay Pork

Happy Anniversary to Benny Simpson!! 💐🎉🌹❤️ 10 years later, its still me and you against the world, and Booboo Bear 👨‍👩‍👧 Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me💗 it must have been destiny that we met on one of the most romantic day have the year, happy 520! ❤️ After tonight,… Continue reading Satay Pork

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Satay Bee Hoon

Satay Bee Hoon 沙爹米粉 with homemade sauce! 🍝 Thick beehoon as requested by hubby 😋😋 Haven’t made this for too long 😭 made extra sauce to freeze and is already very excited about making satay next! 🤗🤗 And bbq too!! 🔪 Ingredients: (Serves 2 with leftover sauce to freeze) Rempah (spice paste) 1 large red… Continue reading Satay Bee Hoon

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Mr Ben(ny) Pancakes

Mr Bean copycat Pancakes 🥞 Served with Brown Sugar Ginger Tea 黑糖姜母茶 cooked in a food jar ☕ I am so so proud of my first try in making Benny’s favourite snack 🤗🤗🤗Super duper yummy! 😋😋😋 I made laughing cow cheese🐮🧀 Nutella🍫 peanut🥜ham & cheese🍖🧀 Recipe for batter: 1⅔ cups plain flour 2 tsp baking… Continue reading Mr Ben(ny) Pancakes