Measurements & Ingredients


For my Asian recipes, 1 tbsp is just a normal metal spoon, 1 tsp is a normal dessert spoon. 1 cup – 250ml unless otherwise stated 🙂


Some of my favourite and preferred brands of ingredients:

Avacado oil is an awesome choice for medium- high heat cooking. It has even more health benefits compared to olive oil and has a high smoke point. I have not looked back since adding it into our diet.
This soy sauce is msg free and contains only natural ingredients. The flavour is more natural and less salty as well.
There is many health benefits to Pink Himalayan Salt as it contains many minerals and trace elements. It also has a complex flavour, not just plain salty.
I often use thick soy sauce in many of my recipes and this is the best brand that i’ve used. It is very fragrant, making every dish i make very flavourful.