The Chef :)

Hello to my blog! =) I started this blog as only a place to share the photos of my cooking and some sort of menu, where i can select what to cook on days where i have no inspirations. I wasn’t entirely comfortable and confident about sharing my recipes all these while. i’m not sure for what reason, but maybe because i was never a confident person to begin with. It doesn’t help when i’m a perfectionist that’s totally obsessed in cooking.

Anyone who knows me will know how much i really love cooking. I would spend hours and hours in the grocery store, looking for new inspirations. It’s not something most girls my age would do, and i was often teased as the “young aunty”. But i guess this is how it’s like when you have a passion for something. It is the only passion I have kept throughout the years and I get so happy and satisfied each and everyday cooking up a feast after a long day of work. Even when i am tired, i am tired and happy. And whenever I get home from grocery shopping, it feels just like I am unwrapping my xmas pressies when I am actually just unpacking my groceries. It may sound stupid or ridiculous, but that is how much I love cooking and baking, especially for my Ben.

It’s not until when i moved to Australia, where i feel like a new person and is eager to share my recipes with everyone. I learnt many new styles of cooking, different cuisines and tried many new things that i was usually too afraid to try. It’s only recently that i realise that cooking is about always willing to learn and try, and being able to take critiscisms constructively.

Most importantly, you must put in love in everything that you make because that’s the special ingredient that makes anything you cook delectable. That is exactly what motivates me everyday to cook and bake something special for the love of my life. Putting all my love, dreams, hopes and pamper on a plate for him everyday makes me the happiest girl in the world.

With that, i’m sure i will become a good chef someday 🙂 Till then, join me in this never-ending journey of learning!


8 thoughts on “The Chef :)

  1. amazing dishes u whipped up…makes me feel salivate and misses Singapore.Keep it up as i had already added u in my favourites list..hope more to come…can u try seafood horfun(medium burnt kinda)?


  2. Hey thanks for that! am so touched! haha! Seafood horfun sounds like a good suggestion! will try that prolly soon! Keep the suggestions coming, i love inspirations! =DD


  3. Hi Clara
    woh lots of tasty food u got there ……u should really open a restaurant someday soon….maybe take a course in business first before going in to openning one…
    Nice figure u got there too….u must exercise alot ya..
    u do muaythai ?


    1. Hey Thanks! Yes i do Muay Thai =) For the restaurant part, its still a loong loong way to go.. My current work is busy enuff.. But,i’m sure i will, someday! =D


  4. …and your sexy!?!?!

    (You’ll have to forgive me, but as long as your modeling underwear in your pictures, sexy just seems like a better word then beautiful.)


    Not to seem like a perv, though I am sure this comment will condemn me… I wonder what you would happen if I came home and you were cooking in that outfit.

    My imagination is vivid, but I think the only question I would have is why you were in my home to begin with. heh


  5. You should do a Lasagne with two layers of nothing but cheese. Then you can put lobster in the other layers, clams in one layer…

    …Okay, now I am hungry…

    You know what, I am going to see about you getting your own restaurant. I am not talking about giving you a restaurant but co-ownership, where you own 90% of the business. You can run it by yourself and do whatever you want with it.

    Only on one condition though… I get to eat for free whenever I come as well as anyone else who I bring.

    Now all I have to do is continue working on my own business, so that money is available for me to do this. I wonder what the exchange rate is for US currency to “Singaporean Dollars”….


  6. great pics and awesome looking food, reminds me of the many years I lived in Sydney and enjoyed cooking so much…

    but the long work hours of Singapore has prevented me from cooking 😦


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