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Thai Pork Leg Rice (Khao Ka Moo)

The pork was so so tender and juicy, it was unbelievable! The giam chye perfectly complimented every bite with some crunch and saltiness! I am still running a fever that won’t go away which has me too weak to stand and cook. Thankfully, i have thermos who made this beautiful dish for me while i… Continue reading Thai Pork Leg Rice (Khao Ka Moo)

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ABC Coconut Soup with Thermos Shuttle Chef

This is easily the most loved soup by every Singaporean! Every mother cooks this for their families as it is a kid’s favourite that is also nutritious and super sweet and yummy! As Ben only likes his soup extremely thick and flavourful, i used to only have the luxury to cook chinese soups for him… Continue reading ABC Coconut Soup with Thermos Shuttle Chef

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Tofu with Sweet and Spicy Mince

Benny defrosted the wrong meat, it’s so cute. I bought a block of $0.90 tofu and problem is solved! Great dish to go with rice or porridge. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ The secret to this dish is to use a good mixture of lean and fatty cut like pork shoulder butt. It will not be nice if you… Continue reading Tofu with Sweet and Spicy Mince

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Singapore Hokkien Mee η‚’福建虾青

This is one of the most popular hawker dishes for a reason! Homemade noodles simmered in a thick seafood broth until absorbed, finished with a squeeze of lime and sambal. You can taste the flavourful seafood goodness in every slurp! I can finally cook one of my favourite dishes! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ Recipe adapted from themeatmen. Ingredients:… Continue reading Singapore Hokkien Mee η‚’福建虾青

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Toad in the Hole

    After a sad failed attempt, i finally cracked the code on this dish! Juicy sausages with the crispiest and yummiest yorkshire puddings, creamy mashed potato and gravy, i made Benny a very happy boy today! This has easily became our favourite western dish! Something that made me very proud is that Benny told… Continue reading Toad in the Hole

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Pork Leg Bee Hoon ηŒͺθ„šη±³η²‰

I have been craving for this for awhile and finally got to cook it and satisfy my cravings! This is definitely my kinda comfort food. I guess it’s not just me, but many Singaporeans as this is a common dish that our mothers cooks for us. It is sometimes called pork trotters bee hoon, no… Continue reading Pork Leg Bee Hoon ηŒͺθ„šη±³η²‰

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Fried Bee Tai Mak

This is a simple one pot dish that always brings back fond childhood memories for me. It is one of Ah Ma’s signature dishes and also my favourite. I remember that she will always peel an extra bowl of water chestnuts for me, just for me to eat it as a snack, knowing how much… Continue reading Fried Bee Tai Mak

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Yaki Udon

I can’t believe that I have never tried udon noodles before. It is definitely love at first bite! It is light, soft and chewy, really very yummy! I have always thought that i would hate it as it looks very thick, starchy and sticky (everything i hate about noodles). I took my first step to… Continue reading Yaki Udon