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Pineapple Seafood Curry

I came across this idea while looking at food photos one day and i knew i had to try cooking it for Ben! It is all of what Ben loves in a bowl. This is a recipe that i came up with as i went along and it turned out amazing! It’s sweet, spicy and… Continue reading Pineapple Seafood Curry

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Thai Beef Noodles

Whenever we have lunch at Ah Ma’s house, we would usually buy this for her and myself since it is one of our favourite dishes. I was determined to learn how to cook this myself and i finally did it after weeks of trying it and dissecting the dish. The broth is seriously the bomb… Continue reading Thai Beef Noodles

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Curry Vegetables

I was a vegetarian for a few years so this is naturally one of my favourite dishes! I especially love it when it is paired with some fried bee hoon. I cooked it with rice this time since Ben seems to prefer eating curries with rice. My favourite part of this dish is the chunky… Continue reading Curry Vegetables

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Lotus Root and Peanut Soup 莲藕花生汤

This is one of my childhood favourite soups! 😍😋 I used soft bone cut and is finally able to make the meat off the bone tender! I am finally happy enough to post the recipe for this sweet and refreshing soup! Most people here brew their soups with prime ribs or spare ribs but if… Continue reading Lotus Root and Peanut Soup 莲藕花生汤

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Chicken Ginseng Soup

Soup of the week for us is Chicken Ginseng Soup! My Ang moh hubby’s favourite soup is surprisingly Chinese herbal soup! Simmered with love for 2 hours, this a whole pot of goodness, for both our health and tastebuds! Really love the flavours of everything in the bowl, and the best part is that it… Continue reading Chicken Ginseng Soup

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Crab Bee Hoon 螃蟹米粉

This is a popular dish here in Singapore as we are all crab-lovers here! Ben has been asking me to cook him crabs for awhile but I have been very reluctant as i do not want to kill crabs. Mud crabs here have to be killed and cooked right away for maximum freshness. I am… Continue reading Crab Bee Hoon 螃蟹米粉

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Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶

This is a easily one of the most popular soups in Singapore yet yesterday was the first time i tried to cook it. Prime ribs is simmered with a selection of the best herbs and spices that i could get my hands on for hours. The result is a soup that is full of flavour… Continue reading Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶

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Shabu Shabu Set

Anyone who knows me would know that i am a biggggg fan of shabu shabu/hotpot/steamboat, whatever you call it! Benny bought me this shabu shabu set for my birthday last year but we have been able to enjoy it probably since we didn’t have proper aircons. Now with aircons finally installed, we can finally enjoy… Continue reading Shabu Shabu Set