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Salted Egg Squid

By Benny’s request, his favourite Salted Egg Squid! On Singapore’s birthday, this is a true blue Singaporean dish that is worthy of a foodgasm! It’s creamy, buttery, crispy and super addictive! The original dish is actually made with prawns, but since my fussy hubby hates prawns and loves squid and anything made with salted egg… Continue reading Salted Egg Squid

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Curry Stingray

Ever since Benny has made a big change to his diet, we have started to cook fish once a week, and also a weekly chinese soup. I am so happy that he has been loving all the fish dishes and soups that i have been cooking! He is a fish-hater, and never ever eats anything… Continue reading Curry Stingray

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Crab Bee Hoon 螃蟹米粉

This is a popular dish here in Singapore as we are all crab-lovers here! Ben has been asking me to cook him crabs for awhile but I have been very reluctant as i do not want to kill crabs. Mud crabs here have to be killed and cooked right away for maximum freshness. I am… Continue reading Crab Bee Hoon 螃蟹米粉

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Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Rice cooked in chicken stock and pineapple juice, stir fried with Chinese sausages, pineapple cubes, eggs, cashews and topped with spicy pork floss, yums!! I haven’t cooked this for a while and this was a delightful dinner the other day! We both wiped out our plates with Roxiee staring us down, hoping that she can… Continue reading Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

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Salmon Ikura Don

This is my favourite order at Japanese restaurants. I can’t believe how incredibly easy it is for us to enjoy this at home. Ben gets his favourite sushi and i get to enjoy this. We are both happy on Benny’s night! If you can get your hands on fresh salmon sashimi, you HAVE to prepare… Continue reading Salmon Ikura Don

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Singapore Laksa / Curry Mee

I have posted this a couple of times before but it looks and tasted so good, i just have to post it again! I have perfected the recipe and amended the previous recipe posted. This recipe has earned me heaps of praises from my Benny. He absolutely loved it! It’s rich, flavourful and creamy and… Continue reading Singapore Laksa / Curry Mee

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Shabu Shabu Set

Anyone who knows me would know that i am a biggggg fan of shabu shabu/hotpot/steamboat, whatever you call it! Benny bought me this shabu shabu set for my birthday last year but we have been able to enjoy it probably since we didn’t have proper aircons. Now with aircons finally installed, we can finally enjoy… Continue reading Shabu Shabu Set

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Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid

After several attempts, i’ve finally perfected this recipe on one of Benny’s favourite dishes. This is Benny’s most ordered dish at chinese restaurants when we were living in Australia. I’ve always wanted to learn to make this and i have been unhappy with the results. Today is the day that i am finally proud of… Continue reading Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid