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Economical Noodles 经济炒面

This is a local breakfast favourite in Singapore. I always make extra portions of my home made noodles and keep it in the fridge. This will be a must-have for that week. The texture of homemade noodles is amazing and makes a perfect match with a sunny side-up and our favourite sides. I recently got… Continue reading Economical Noodles 经济炒面

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Wonton Mee with Homemade Noodles

This is what I call comfort food! Nothing beats the texture and flavour of homemade noodles. It’s qq with a good bite! Noodles tossed in my concocted sauce, paired with homemade wontons and char siew, green chilli and sambal, it was an amazing dinner! I always make more noodles, portion then dry them out before… Continue reading Wonton Mee with Homemade Noodles

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Ten Zaru Soba Set (Soba Noodles with Tempura)

This is something i always wanted to make at home but Benny always says no as he doesn’t think that he would like Soba noodles. Now that i can make his favourite tempura, he finally decided to give this a shot. It turns out to be a super enjoyable meal and we both got our… Continue reading Ten Zaru Soba Set (Soba Noodles with Tempura)

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Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles 港式油鸡面

This was the perfect dish to cook today when i am recovering and i have homemade noodles in the fridge and heaps of chicken in the freezer. This recipe never fails to produce the most tender and juicy chicken that is extremely smooth. It is a breeze to cook this and the hardest part is… Continue reading Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles 港式油鸡面

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Singapore Laksa / Curry Mee

I have posted this a couple of times before but it looks and tasted so good, i just have to post it again! I have perfected the recipe and amended the previous recipe posted. This recipe has earned me heaps of praises from my Benny. He absolutely loved it! It’s rich, flavourful and creamy and… Continue reading Singapore Laksa / Curry Mee

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Dry Fried Beef Kway Teow / Hor Fun 干炒牛河

We had to replace our stove recently as the old one has finally given up on me. The new stove is not expensive but surprisingly  really amazing. The heat is perfect for Chinese wok style cooking. I was so excited to try cooking one of my favourite dish as it requires very high heat to… Continue reading Dry Fried Beef Kway Teow / Hor Fun 干炒牛河

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Spaghetti & Meatballs

This simple plate of spaghetti is truly the fruit of my labour. Everything from the pasta, to the sauce and meatballs are made from scratch. It was tiring but i am so so happy with the end product! And it is not so bad since i still have pasta and meatballs in the fridge that… Continue reading Spaghetti & Meatballs

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Economical Kway Teow

At every economical breakfast stall, there is always a choice of bee hoon, noodles and kway teow. I’ve finally tried making them all and i love all of them! It’s just something quick and easy to cook in the morning, and it pairs where with any side dish you can find in the fridge. It… Continue reading Economical Kway Teow