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Herbal Mutton Soup 药材羊肉汤

This is something i’ve been wanting to learn as you can’t find this outside anymore. Not only that it requires many hours of cooking, it also needs many different herbs. The result is an extremely deep and flavourful soup with very tender meat. The flavour is so so good, it is hard to describe. I… Continue reading Herbal Mutton Soup 药材羊肉汤

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Chinese style Mutton Curry with Thermal Cooker

All made from scratch including the curry paste. This is by far the best curry that i have ever cooked. The flavours just blew our minds! Super tender and soft and the mutton gives the curry an amazing taste that no other protein can. Mutton is one of my ultimate favourite meats and i am… Continue reading Chinese style Mutton Curry with Thermal Cooker