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Tacos with Olive Rice

Grilled peri peri spiced chicken tenders and homemade salsa wrapped in soft tortillas. All served with the most fragrant olive rice cooked with my thermal cooker! The tacos was so yummy that we didn’t even have to add any kind of sauces to it. When i first tried the olive rice at one of our… Continue reading Tacos with Olive Rice

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Homemade Enchiladas

This is one dish that is easy to make and guaranteed to please my fussy Benny. I made this a little different this time. I used my freshly made marinara sauce over it this time instead of enchiladas sauce. It is just as yummy and i might like this version a little better as it… Continue reading Homemade Enchiladas

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Spanish Mixed Paella (Chicken, Bacon & Veggies)

This is a dish that has been on my to-cook list for the longest time! (Yes, i literally have a to-cook list!) However, i have not been able to as i don’t have a paella pan. When i saw a deep stone skillet that was on sale, Paella became the perfect excuse to buy it!… Continue reading Spanish Mixed Paella (Chicken, Bacon & Veggies)

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Homemade Enchiladas and Sauce

I didn’t take a photo of the inside of the enchiladas so I thought I would take one this time. This dish never fails to make Ben all excited about dinner. Honestly, burrito, cheese, tomatoes, how can it not make anyone excited? 😀 Click for: Homemade Enchiladas and Sauce Recipe

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Oven Fried Chicken Chimichanga

I love burritos, I love cheesy stuff, i love crispy stuff, and that is why i looooove chimichangas! Basically a fried burrito filled with moist chicken pieces, vegetables, cheese and spices, we had a very satisfying dinner! I know i am supposed to deep fry this to make it authentic but why the extra calories… Continue reading Oven Fried Chicken Chimichanga

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Fresh Homemade Salsa

I have always love salsa! It’s a perfect condiment to a Spanish dish. It’s slightly sour, spicy and extremely appetizing!I am so happy that I have finally tried to make them myself. Now my spanish/mexican dishes can be complete with this! Ingredients: 1 medium red onion, finely chopped 3 medium tomatoes, deseeded and finely diced… Continue reading Fresh Homemade Salsa

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Homemade Enchiladas & Sauce

I was looking for ideas on what to make for dinner as it is our day off. I wanted to make Ben something special to reward him for his efforts in quitting smoking. He is having a very hard time but hasn’t touched a cigarette in days! I am so proud of him! I was… Continue reading Homemade Enchiladas & Sauce

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Breakfast Quesadilla

This is easily one of Ben’s favourite brekkie! He always cheers in excitement when he wakes up and sees this on his breakfast table. It really makes me so happy and makes all my hard work worth it whenever i see him so happy. ❤ I actually started making this a long time ago but… Continue reading Breakfast Quesadilla