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This is everything i love in a bowl! It’s colourful, yummy, easy to cook and highly customisable! You can swap out any ingredients, including the meat for anything you prefer. The recipe won’t be as detailed as i usually write it too as this is a very versatile dish. I will be focusing mainly on… Continue reading Bibimbap

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Honey Hallabong Chiffon Cake

One day, we were offered a homemade drink by one of our clients and i instantly fell in love with it! I told them how yummy it was and asked what was the drink i had. The following week when we went to their house again, this super kind lady actually went to buy a… Continue reading Honey Hallabong Chiffon Cake

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Kimchi Fried Rice (Improved)

This is one of my favourite foods as i love anything that has to do with kimchi! It’s sour, spicy, sweet and tangy, i love everything cooked with it or even on its own! However, Ben has always been very critical whenever i make this. “too spicy”, “too healthy”, “too dry”, i’ve heard it all… Continue reading Kimchi Fried Rice (Improved)

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Shabu Shabu Set

Anyone who knows me would know that i am a biggggg fan of shabu shabu/hotpot/steamboat, whatever you call it! Benny bought me this shabu shabu set for my birthday last year but we have been able to enjoy it probably since we didn’t have proper aircons. Now with aircons finally installed, we can finally enjoy… Continue reading Shabu Shabu Set

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Kimchi Cheese Ravioli

Ben asked for ravioli and ravioli he gets!  Tried a new combination of flavours and it was the bomb! I feel like a genius for this combination! Kimchi, cheese, pork wrapped in pasta and served with homemade marinara sauce, it was a winning combo and i definitely preferred this to the beef type raviolis. Click… Continue reading Kimchi Cheese Ravioli

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Kimchi Fried Rice

It’s been more  than a month since I’ve blogged 😦  After a few bouts of illness, i’ve been feeling quite sad, stressed and down. I’ve been cooking everyday as usual but i just don’t feel right, and definitely not in the mood to write down any recipes. I’ve stopped posting on facebook too, to be… Continue reading Kimchi Fried Rice

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Kimchi Tofu Soup

I just made a box of homemade kimchi the other day and when it was raining cats and dogs the other night, i was craving for a hot bowl of soup. This dish satisfied my craving thoroughly and it was so so good! The best part is that, prep took about 5 minutes and cooking… Continue reading Kimchi Tofu Soup

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Korean Egg Bread aka Egg and Cheese Muffins

I finally got proper jumbo muffin pans that is more suitable for this dish. They turned out beautiful and super delicious,  with Ben thanking me constantly for his surprise breakfast! I thought i had to take some photos to show off here! Give this a try and give your loved ones a surprise as they… Continue reading Korean Egg Bread aka Egg and Cheese Muffins