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Spuer Moist Blueberry Muffins

I didn’t have time to take a nice photo of these muffins but i had to take down the recipe cos they were so so good! I made them before with half the recipe but they did not turn out half as good as these ones. Ben was full of praises for them and has… Continue reading Spuer Moist Blueberry Muffins

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Cheeseburger Sliders with Homemade Bread

I missed out on Benny’s night yesterday so today was the day to make up for it. Every Thursday and Sunday is Benny’s night, where I will cook what Benny orders. Most of the dishes he requests are very time consuming and they are not stuff that I can make every single day since I… Continue reading Cheeseburger Sliders with Homemade Bread

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Bangers and Mash

This is one of England’s most popular dishes and of course it is also my English hubby’s favourites! Juicy kurobuta sausages for me, beef and garlic sausages for Benny, paired with creamy mashed potatoes and flavourful gravy, this is a winning combo! This is also surprisingly easy to make, so i get to rest early… Continue reading Bangers and Mash

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Homemade English Muffins Buns

I forgot how much fun it was to make my own english muffin buns! I love how we can have my own Baobei’s egg mcmuffin set in the comfort of our own home. Why would anyone want to have that crap from mcdonald’s again?! :p PS: You can always use a bread machine to knead… Continue reading Homemade English Muffins Buns

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Marmite Fried Rice

Marmite was my childhood food that i used to eat almost every other day. My ah ma would make rice porridge for me every afternoon for lunch growing up, and she would mix in marmite or bovril to flavour my porridge. Only when i moved to Australia did i learnt that it is supposed to… Continue reading Marmite Fried Rice

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Homemade English Muffin Buns

This was our first meal of this year! I got up early and made some fresh english muffins from scratch to give Ben a surprise. He was so happy when he woke up, and i had so much fun making them too! I really should start making them more often, i havent done it for… Continue reading Homemade English Muffin Buns

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Christmas Eve Dinner: Bangers & Mash, Pasta Salad & Yorkshire Puddings

This year, we had Mom, Ah Ma and Ah Mei over for dinner on Christmas Eve ๐Ÿ™‚ We had to work until early evening, so i prepared the dessert the previous night, pasta salad in the morning, and dinner was a breeze to prepare when we got home from work. We had a night of… Continue reading Christmas Eve Dinner: Bangers & Mash, Pasta Salad & Yorkshire Puddings

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Christmas Dinner! Roast Spatchcock Chicken

This Christmas, i went alot simpler than usual and only made this, pasta salad and focaccia for brunch. I didn’t want to overcook and it turned out not so bad, we managed to finish half a small chicken and shredded the some the next day to make other dishes. I have planned to make Ben’s… Continue reading Christmas Dinner! Roast Spatchcock Chicken