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Condensed Milk Ogura and Buttercream Frosting

DSC_0705 (2).JPG

It’s our nephew’s birthday and i originally planned to bake him a chocolate cake but i had to make a last minute change as his mom says that he hates dark coloured cakes. I was very tempted to try making swiss meringue buttercream but this buttercream has always served me well so i wondered why i should mess with it. I was abit worried at first but I am glad that i managed to pull it off! Note to self next time, i might put more blueberries as it goes really well with the flavours. This is just the recipe for the cake and frosting, the decorations are really uo to your preference and creativity!

Click for: Condensed Milk Ogura Cake Recipe

Click for: Buttercream Frosting Recipe

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