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Shabu Shabu Set

DSC_0887 (3).JPG

Anyone who knows me would know that i am a biggggg fan of shabu shabu/hotpot/steamboat, whatever you call it! Benny bought me this shabu shabu set for my birthday last year but we have been able to enjoy it probably since we didn’t have proper aircons. Now with aircons finally installed, we can finally enjoy our favourite meal together, comfortably and right in our little love nest. Our favourite meal, our favourite tv shows and the company of just the two of us and the furkids, i can’t ask for a more perfect night ❤

I used my kimchi tofu soup recipe for my soup base. For Benny’s hot and spicy milk broth, i simmered 1 cup whole milk with 1 cup chicken stock, 1 tbsp laoganma chilli oil and some salt.

Click for: Kimchi Soup Recipe


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