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Condensed Milk Ogura Cake with Buttercream Frosting

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I wanted to do something nice for mom’s birthday! This is the first time that i tried to pipe a complicated cake design and as you can tell I did a terrible job 😦 But i swear it is very yummy! My main problem is that this frosting was not very suitable for piping roses. On the other hand, the cake would have melted if i used a whipped cream frosting. I know there is swiss meringue buttercream, but i am really not comfortable eating raw eggs, ewwww! Oh well, i guess in masterchef language, my cake looks very rustic! Lol!

Ever since i’ve tried condensed milk cake, i have given up on the boring vanilla sponge cake. It is not too sweet and has a nice subtle fragrance to it. The buttercream recipe is my favourite frosting recipe and has never failed me. It is yummy and holds up to the hot and humid weather in singapore.

Click for: Condensed Milk Ogura Cake Recipe

Click for: Buttercream Frosting Recipe


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