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Stir Fry French Bean


This has got to be one of my favourite way to fry my veggies! It’s a traditional way my mom likes to fry some of her veggies and it always has me wiping out the dish. The star of the dish is the mixture of garlic, chilli padi and dried shrimps. The chunky pieces, when put together is just amazing! I’m not a fan of dried shrimps but when it is made this way, i absolutely love it! You can replace french beans with veggies of your choice, the best ones for this type of flavours is eggplants, sweet potato leaves and kangkong. For the dish below, i tossed sliced eggplants in a small amount of oil, air fry until it’s cooked before using it in this recipe.



  1. Thin french beans, 1 packet
  2. about 6 cloves garlic
  3. 1 tbsp dried shrimps, soaked until soft
  4. about 3 chilli padi
  5. 1-2 tbsp oyster sauce, to taste
  6. 1 tbsp sugar


  1. Roughly chop garlic, dried shrimps and chilli into chunky pieces. combine and mix well.
  2. Blanch french beans in salted boiling water until just cooked. Transfer to a bowl of ice water before draining.
  3. Heat some oil in a hot wok, fry garlic mixture until very fragrant. Add oyster sauce to taste and sugar before adding french beans. Toss until combined.

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