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Juicy Duck Breast and Fragrant Yam Rice

I know i have posted this before but my duck looks so sexy that i just wanna blog about it!Β  It is so juicy and pairs perfectly with my favourite yam rice.Another thing that i am very proud about is that this sexy duck breast is butchered by me! Buying a whole duck and butchering… Continue reading Juicy Duck Breast and Fragrant Yam Rice

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Homemade English Muffin Buns

This was our first meal of this year! I got up early and made some fresh english muffins from scratch to give Ben a surprise. He was so happy when he woke up, and i had so much fun making them too! I really should start making them more often, i havent done it for… Continue reading Homemade English Muffin Buns

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Thai Green Curry

Since my darling hubby bought me the most amazing blender ever, i have made it a mission to make my cooking pastes from scratch and not use any premixes. I am so proud that i made the most amazing green curry from the freshest ingredients available! It’s spicy, tangy and has a unique flacour that… Continue reading Thai Green Curry

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Singapore Style Nasi Biryani

Ben is a big fan of indian food and this has got to be his favourite indian dish! This is how we make nasi biryani in singapore which is more of a pulao style, where rice is cooked with aromatics and spices. In India it is done in a dum biryani style where meat and… Continue reading Singapore Style Nasi Biryani

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Stir Fry French Bean

This has got to be one of my favourite way to fry my veggies! It’s a traditional way my mom likes to fry some of her veggies and it always has me wiping out the dish. The star of the dish is the mixture of garlic, chilli padi and dried shrimps. The chunky pieces, when… Continue reading Stir Fry French Bean