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Christmas Eve Dinner: Bangers & Mash, Pasta Salad & Yorkshire Puddings


This year, we had Mom, Ah Ma and Ah Mei over for dinner on Christmas Eve 🙂 We had to work until early evening, so i prepared the dessert the previous night, pasta salad in the morning, and dinner was a breeze to prepare when we got home from work. We had a night of talking , laughing, eating and drinking. We drank kiddy non alcoholic champange as i really do not appreciate alcohol and it was fun watching Ah Ma popping the champagne! Everyone was so nice in trying to make the day special for Ben and cheering him up, I hope he feels the love from everyone ❤

Bangers: Bake large sausages in an oven at 180deg for 20mins. Heat up some oil in a pan, sear sausages until brown.

Pasta salad: Toss pasta and your favourite veggies with olive oil, salt , pepper and small amount of white vinegar.

Click for: Yorkshire Puddings Recipe


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