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One-Pot Butter Rice in Maifan Stone Rice Cooker


Testing my new rice cooker to make an easy one-pot Butter Rice. I love this cooker! I sauted and fried the ingredients on the stove in the inner pot and transferred it directly into the rice cooker. From stove to cooker, it’s literally one pot! The natural Maifan stone is filled with micro nutrients and produced fluffy, flavourful rice that is healthy and no sticking or burning at all! I am extremely impressed by this rice cooker and it is highly recommended! It will make so many dishes a breeze!

As for my butter rice, it is my trusted recipe that has received many thumbs up from my family when i made it for Chinese New Year. It is a definite crowd pleaser and the best part about it is that, everything is done in one pot and prep takes only about 15mins or less. It is just like a buttery and extra yummy fried rice 😀

Click for: Butter Rice Recipe


One thought on “One-Pot Butter Rice in Maifan Stone Rice Cooker

  1. How to remove stubborn burn rice stain in this stone cooker. Had been soaking in water fir days but burn rice unable to be removed.


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