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Wholemeal Cheese Scones

IMG20160731232628.jpgI was really craving for an Asian noodle salad dish but i was afraid that Ben would not like it. To make us both happy for the night, i made two different dinners. Though tiring, we were both super happy and satisfied with our meals. It’s not always easy being in an inter-racial marriage as we both come from vastly different backgrounds and cultures. Through the years, we have our ways to compromise and accommodate each other but today is just one of those days that we couldn’t. Nevertheless, I was very happy that he loved these scones so much and I have a giant bowl of salad. We can now both go to bed happy and contented πŸ˜€

Well, back to my cheesy scones, it’s soft, buttery with a tinge of cheesiness. It is a very successful recipe and is definitely a keeper! I used my recipe for my blueberry scones previously and merely replaced the fruit with shredded gouda cheese. I also omitted sugar. Give this a try, it’s easy to make and will definitely be wiped off the plate as soon as it comes out from the oven!

Click for: Recipe for Blueberry Scones

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