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Yaki Onigiri (Pan Fried Rice Balls with Egg Mayo Fillings)


I saw a posting of this on fb and was immediately tempted to make them. Ben has been wanting to buy the non-fried version for a long time but it is always sold in the tuna flavour that he absolutely hates. Now that i have learnt to make them, he can have his own customized fillings. We have not had this before and was very surprised with how awesome little bits of burnt rice tastes! In case you don’t know what a onigiri is, it is a sticky rice ball, either plain or wrapped with fillings. I pan fired the rice balls to create a layer of cripsy rice outside which is definitely a game changer. This is a very simple dish to make, especially if you don’t pan fry them, but where is the fun in that?!


  1. Click for: Sushi Rice Recipe
  2. Egg Mayo: smashed hard boiled eggs mixed with japanese mayo, salt and pepper
  3. Glaze: 2tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp mirin, drizzle of sesame oil
  4. Click for: Mayak Sauce Recipe


  1. Place some rice into mould/cling wrap, top with egg mayo, followed by more rice. Press firmly to form your rice ball.
  2. Heat some oil and pan fry rice ball on both sides and until golden and cripsy.
  3. Brush glaze on both sides.
  4. Serve with wasabi or Mayak sauce. We personally looooove the Mayak dipping sauce for all our sushi now.

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