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Potstickers/Gyoza (Asian Pan Fried Dumplings)


This is my first time making this dish and wrapping dumplings. I am so so happy with the result! The wrapping process was so fun and therapeutic for me, i was abit upset when i used up all my fillings 😦 I cannot wait to be doing it again! Most importantly, these are the most delicious potstickers/gyoza I’ve ever had. It has always been one my favourite dishes but i have not tasted any good ones for a very long time. I am so happy that this is sucha success and i’ve just made a big batch and froze them. We can now enjoy some delicious homemade dumplings in minutes!

If you are not sure what these dumplings are, they are very unique as they have a signature crispy base, with a steamed, soft top. The fillings are very versatile where you can wrap in almost anything you like. I like mine quite traditional, with a meat and vegetables filling that never fails me when i make other types of dumplings. To me, this dish will not be complete without the dipping sauce which i will also feature in the recipe.

These dumplings can be cooked in various other ways, like air frying, deep frying, boiling or served in soups. If you boil them and serve them with the dipping sauce in this recipe, you would have just cooked another iconic chinese dish, η΄…ζ²ΉζŠ„ζ‰‹.

Ingredients: (Makes about 55)

  1. 250g minced pork
  2. 2 shallots, chopped
  3. 3-4 cloves garlic, chopped
  4. Spring onions, chopped
  5. 1 bunch baby napa cabbage/wongbok, shredded
  6. Dash of black pepper
  7. 1 tbsp sesame oil
  8. 5 tbsp light soy sauce
  9. 1 tbsp corn flour
  10. Jiaozi/gyoza wrappers
  • For the sauce
  1. 2tbsp chinese black vinegar
  2. 2 tbsp soy sauce
  3. Chilli oil, to taste
  4. Thumb sized ginger, thinly sliced


  1. Mix all ingredients for the dumplings together.
  2. Wrap dumplings and seal with wet fingers. Cook right away or freeze immediately.
  3. Heat about 1 – 2 tbsp of oil in a fry pan. Place dumplings in the pan with base on the pan.
  4. When the base is golden, add about 1/4 cup of water into the pan. Cover quickly and let it steam for about 3 minutes until water is almost evaporated.
  5. Add another tablespoon of oil back into the pan and fry until bottom is crispy and golden.
  6. Mix all ingredients for the sauce together and serve with your gyoza/potstickers.

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