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Bak Chor Mee (Teochew Minced Pork Noodles)


This has always been one of my favourites! Now that i can make my own, i don’t have to beg for more mushrooms and vinegar from the hawkers anymore. They give me the stink eye even when I pay extra for my requests! πŸ˜› My first choice for the noodles will be Mee Pok but as i do not have the mould for my noodle maker, this is still a good 2nd pick. This is traditionally a teochew dish, where the sauce is the star of the dish. I love mine with extra black vinegar and chilli for that extra kick. How about you?:)

Ps: I have a little notebook where i jot down my ingredients and quantities as i cook. I left it in the kitchen and am too tired to go get it.. Haha! Will blof about this recipe tomorrow πŸ˜€


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