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Siew Mai (Succulent Pork and Prawn Dumplings)

I was totally hooked when i made the gyoza the other day. Making little dim sums has combined two of my favourite hobbies, cooking and crafting together. It is so therapeutic and relaxing!!! The first on my to-make-dim-sum list is my favourite dim sum of all time, Siew Mai!!! I absolutely love the succulent, juicy… Continue reading Siew Mai (Succulent Pork and Prawn Dumplings)

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Korean Bibimbap with Pork Belly Bulgogi

I was at a loss on what to make for dinner last night andΒ  i browsing through my site. Got a fantastic idea of combining 2 of my favourite korean recipes into one dish. The result was a super sumptuous and satisfying meal! Click for: Bibimbap Recipe (I used short grain rice this time and… Continue reading Korean Bibimbap with Pork Belly Bulgogi

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Potstickers/Gyoza (Asian Pan Fried Dumplings)

This is my first time making this dish and wrapping dumplings. I am so so happy with the result! The wrapping process was so fun and therapeutic for me, i was abit upset when i used up all my fillings 😦 I cannot wait to be doing it again! Most importantly, these are the most… Continue reading Potstickers/Gyoza (Asian Pan Fried Dumplings)

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Bak Chor Mee (Teochew Minced Pork Noodles)

This has always been one of my favourites! Now that i can make my own, i don’t have to beg for more mushrooms and vinegar from the hawkers anymore. They give me the stink eye even when I pay extra for my requests! πŸ˜› My first choice for the noodles will be Mee Pok but… Continue reading Bak Chor Mee (Teochew Minced Pork Noodles)

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Vegetarian Dum Biryani

This is the first time i am making dum biryani and I am not gonna look back! I earned the thumbs up from Ben and we loved it! Of all the times i have tried making biryani, i think this method yields the most perfect result, in terms of flavour, texture and taste. I made… Continue reading Vegetarian Dum Biryani

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Lychee Pork and Royal Chives θ”ζžθ‚‰ & ι’ιΎ™θœ

Felt like blogging about dinner today as the Lychee Pork was very colourful and yummy, andΒ  i tried eating and cooking this new veggie called royal chives (aka qing long cai) for the first time. I have heard alot of rave about it for a long time but never tried it before as to be… Continue reading Lychee Pork and Royal Chives θ”ζžθ‚‰ & ι’ιΎ™θœ

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Sushi with Korean Mayak Dipping Sauce

I have been wanting to make sushi but it is only perfect with a dipping sauce. We can never finish our wasabi and it is not cheap at all. This is when i wondered what koreans eat with Gimbap, the korean version of sushi. I did some reading and came across the Mayak sauce. It… Continue reading Sushi with Korean Mayak Dipping Sauce

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Cheesy Baked Rice

Baked rice is a very popular dish here in Singapore and I used to make this when we lived in Australia. Unfortunately, i failed many times as the cheese tasted abit dry and the rice below is also hard and dry. I tried again some time ago and i can finally make the best baked… Continue reading Cheesy Baked Rice