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Homemade Noodles


I have always wanted a noodle maker as i loooooove my noodles! However, Ben is not a fan of noodles at all, so that stopped me from investing in a noodle maker. He hates noodles so much that he has not once ordered or bought any type of noodles dishes before. Not even pasta! He only eats the ones i cook. I was extremely lucky to grab this noodle maker at a ridiculously low price, so I thought it’s worth it to give it a try. It cost me close to nothing for this amazing machine!

It is extremely easy to use. All i had to do is to put in the ingredients and it will knead and make the noodles on its own. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean which is very important to me since i am a clean freak.

Now, the most important thing is that the noodles were absolutely delicious! The texture was perfect, qq a.k.a  al dente and very flavourful. Ben and I loved it so much that we were still craving for it for dinner after having it in the morning. It tells alot when Ben asked me if i could make it again cos he loved the flavours. I was surprised and super happy. We can now enjoy our homemade noodles whenever we want, with absolutely no preservatives and nasty additives. Another step to a healthier lifestyle. I felt even more blessed when we were enjoying our noodles together with homemade soy milk. 🙂

Ingredients: (Serves 1-2)

  1. 200g bread flour
  2. 75ml liquid: 1 egg beaten and mixed with some water till you get to 75ml
  3. 1/2 tsp salt
  4. Drizzle of olive oil


  1. Beat 1 egg and add some water and mix until you get 75ml worth of liquid. Mix in salt and oil.
  2. Place flour into noodle maker. Press start.
  3. Slowly pour in the liquid and let the noodles knead and extrude from the machine.
  4. I used the spaghetti / thick noodle mould. Cook in boiling water for about 6 minutes until al dente.

For bigger portions:

3-4 serves: 400g flour + 150ml liquid (i used 2 eggs + some water)

5-6 serves: 500g flour + 200ml liquid (3 large beaten eggs + some water)


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