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Soft Wholemeal Bread Buns


Call it burger buns, bread rolls, dinner rolls, whatever you want to call it, we love it all! However, I do know that we are not supposed to eat too much white bread as it is simple carbohydrates with high GI. In a bid for a healthier lifestyle, I have started experimenting with organic wholemeal flour. Ben absolutely hates wholemeal bread and he was already reluctant to eat them when I was baking them. But to our great surprise, the buns turned out soft and yummy, we could not even tell that it was wholemeal bread. This made me extremely happy as this means that we can officially swap to eating wholemeal bread only! It’s my duty to take care of Ben and what goes into his tummy, and i am very pleased with this healthy addition to our diet 😀

I used my usual burger buns recipe, but used 140g wholemeal flour and 140g bread flour.

Click For: Burger Bun/ Dinner Rolls Recipe


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