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Wanton Mee with Homemade Noodles 云吞面

I have always loved wanton noodles! However, like alot of other noodle dishes that i love, i cannot stand the strong “kee” smell in the usual store bought noodles. Some people say it’s due to the alkaline water, some say its the wheat glutem. Whaever it is, i hate it! It is often very oily… Continue reading Wanton Mee with Homemade Noodles 云吞面

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Hokkaido Cheese Tarts

There has been a craze in Singapore lately where people would queue up for a few hours for hokkaido cheese tarts. If that is not crazy enough, you can even pay people to queue up for you! Ben and I absolutely hate queuing and we cannot understand why Singaporeans loves to queue so much. I… Continue reading Hokkaido Cheese Tarts

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Homemade Noodles

I have always wanted a noodle maker as i loooooove my noodles! However, Ben is not a fan of noodles at all, so that stopped me from investing in a noodle maker. He hates noodles so much that he has not once ordered or bought any type of noodles dishes before. Not even pasta! He… Continue reading Homemade Noodles

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Fragrant Sweet & Spicy Chicken 甘香鸡

This is a random whip up of mine that turned out really yummy! It’s slightly spicy, sweet, salty at the same time, and also filled with the fragrance of the curry leaves. It was easy to make as well, and totally saved me from my mental block today as i had no idea what i… Continue reading Fragrant Sweet & Spicy Chicken 甘香鸡

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Today is our anniversary and marks 6 years of our happiness. I don’t have much to offer the love of my life, besides my company and cooking. I specially came up with this recipe just for my darling, designed for his taste buds to make him a sumptuous dinner. Even though we didn’t do too… Continue reading Chicken Tikka Masala

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Oven Fried Chicken Chimichanga

I love burritos, I love cheesy stuff, i love crispy stuff, and that is why i looooove chimichangas! Basically a fried burrito filled with moist chicken pieces, vegetables, cheese and spices, we had a very satisfying dinner! I know i am supposed to deep fry this to make it authentic but why the extra calories… Continue reading Oven Fried Chicken Chimichanga

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Fresh Homemade Salsa

I have always love salsa! It’s a perfect condiment to a Spanish dish. It’s slightly sour, spicy and extremely appetizing!I am so happy that I have finally tried to make them myself. Now my spanish/mexican dishes can be complete with this! Ingredients: 1 medium red onion, finely chopped 3 medium tomatoes, deseeded and finely diced… Continue reading Fresh Homemade Salsa

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Soft Wholemeal Bread Buns

Call it burger buns, bread rolls, dinner rolls, whatever you want to call it, we love it all! However, I do know that we are not supposed to eat too much white bread as it is simple carbohydrates with high GI. In a bid for a healthier lifestyle, I have started experimenting with organic wholemeal… Continue reading Soft Wholemeal Bread Buns