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Creamy Tomato Soup

Ben’s favourite soup of all time is creamy tomato soup, but I am very ashamed to say that today is the very first time i’ve attempted to make this for him. It has always seemed too complicated to make this until Ben bought me my new toy, the Joyoung soy milk maker! It is fully… Continue reading Creamy Tomato Soup

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Pan Seared Turmeric Chicken

This is a very simple recipe I came up with that Ben loves. He loved it so much that i thought of blogging about it so I won’t forget about it. I actually only marinated this for an hour and Ben thought that it was marinated overnight as it was so yummy! Ingredients: 1 chicken… Continue reading Pan Seared Turmeric Chicken

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Curry Rubbed Roast Chicken with Spiced Turmeric Rice

This is a fusion dish i designed for Ben, putting everything he loves together on a plate. Curry rubbed roast chicken and vegetables with spiced turmeric rice, along with cooling tzatziki sauc. I never expected the flavours to go so well together! The spiciness, coolness, fragrance, all complimented each other perfectly. The chicken had a… Continue reading Curry Rubbed Roast Chicken with Spiced Turmeric Rice

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Shepherd’s Pie

I am ashamed to say that despite being married to Ben for so long, this was the first time i tried making or eating Shepherd’s Pie. I have always thought that the dish looks kinda mushy and unappetizing but i must admit that i am so very wrong! The flavours really come together very well. … Continue reading Shepherd’s Pie

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Japanese Cheesecake

This has gotta to be my favourite cake of all time! Its smooth, creamy, and simply melts in your mouth. It may not be the easiest cake to make but it’s definitely worth all the effort. You have to taste it to believe it! I posted the recipe previously, the only difference was that i… Continue reading Japanese Cheesecake

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Stir Fried Curry Beef 干炒咖喱牛肉

We were at a tze char stall the other day and Ben asked me about an item on menu, which is dry fried curry beef. We did not end up ordering it as we thought it might be too spicy for him. I kept that in mind and today, i made my very own dish… Continue reading Stir Fried Curry Beef 干炒咖喱牛肉

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Pork Belly Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Pork)

I tried to be smart and bought some pork belly the other day. It is not a usual cut i use so I didn’t really know what to do with it. Ben is not a big fan of stewed pork aka lor bak type of dishes. I was cracking my head and looking at food… Continue reading Pork Belly Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Pork)

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Easy Baked Potatoes and Cheese Melts

This was a random whip up i thought of for Ben that turned out amazing! I always have to think of kid friendly dishes as Ben has the taste buds of a kid. This one ticks all the boxes for him so i was excited to try it once i thought of the idea last… Continue reading Easy Baked Potatoes and Cheese Melts