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Lychee Pork 荔枝肉

Our friend, Sam is going back home to Australia today. For his farewell dinner, I prepared something new and exciting that i have never tried before! I was hoping to let him leave with some nice flavours to remember about. He sat beside me while i cook and i taught him all that i know.… Continue reading Lychee Pork 荔枝肉

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Soy Sauce Braised Chicken (Improved)

I have previously posted on this recipe before, but ever since i learnt the new method of cooking chicken from my hainanese chicken, it gave me an idea to try it on other types of chicken. I must say that my experiment is a huge success! The chicken is fall of the bone tender, skin… Continue reading Soy Sauce Braised Chicken (Improved)

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Chocolate Ogura Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

The big day that i have been waiting and practising hard for has finally arrived! From only having enough courage to make cupcakes to learning how to make whole cakes, chiffon cakes, ogura cakes, layered cakes, frosting, and how to frost a whole cake! It has definitelt been a journey but it was all for… Continue reading Chocolate Ogura Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

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Wood Roasted Thin & Crispy Crust Pizza

It’s my darling’s Ben’s birthday! He requested for his favourite pizza and his wish is my command!. I have not made this for years and was abit nervous. It is also my first time using my smoker to roast the pizza so I was keeping my fingers crossed the whole time. We had a really… Continue reading Wood Roasted Thin & Crispy Crust Pizza

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菜心肉 Steam Pork with Pickles

We are having our friend, Sam over, visiting us from Australia. After days of feasting, i wanted to make a lighter dinner. When a chinese think of a light dinner, what’s better than Teochew muay aka porridge? And this  plus chai po omelette and braised peanuts, are the perfect dishes to go along with porridge.… Continue reading 菜心肉 Steam Pork with Pickles