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Cheesy Garlic Rolls & Assorted Buns

This was an epic brekkie as i never knew i could make so many different flavours of bread at the same time! I felt so happy! This is the same recipe as my burger buns. The cheesy garlic rolls were an impromptu attempt that turned out beautiful! It is so so so soft and delicious. Buttery garlic toppings with oozing cheesing wrapped in a soft soft bun!

I used the same dough and divided it into 12 portions. I further divided 4 out of the 12 in half (so 8 small doughs). I wrapped a cube of cheddar cheese in the small dough and place all 8 in a greased baking dish. I brushed on melted butter and minced garlic just before baking. The other buns were egg mayo buns, cheesy sandwich bun and hotdog buns. This is just to show how versatile a simple bread recipe can be.

Recipe: Burger/ Stuffed Buns Base Recipe

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