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Burger Buns/ Dinner Rolls & Cream Cheese Buns


I have been keeping my promise to myself to never buy store bought bread ever again! So that includes burger buns! We have a burger night every week or so, so learning to make my own burger buns is extremely satisfying for me. It is sooooo soft and yummy! These buns uses the same recipe as my pandan kaya buns, of course excluding pandan paste and flavour. I also didnt want to make too many burger buns so I stuffed some of the dough with Ben’s favourite cream cheese fillings.

Please refer here for recipe: Base Recipe for Burger/Stuffed Buns

One batch of this dough made me 4 large burger buns and 6 cream cheese buns. This means i settled 1 day’s dinner and 2 days breakfasts and most likely tea with one batch of dough!

Note: For the cream cheese fillings, I mixed 250g softened cream cheese + 100g icing sugar and spooned into the dough before sealing and shaping.


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