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Perfect Homemade Pancakes (fluffy, fluffy, fluffy!)


Another dish that i have tried for years to perfect. I have always had an obsession with fluffy pancakes but could never quite get it right. I found a japanese pancake premix at the hypermart that was extremely fluffy (but a little too filling). If you are interested, the brand is Moringa and should be available in most hypermarts. It was pretty awesome except the fact that it is extremely filling, not in a good way. But anyways, i finally ran out of it. I don’t frequent the big shopping centres so I came up with this pancake recipe that is moist, fluffy and finally, Perfect. One of the breakfasts now that would make Ben’s grumpy mornings happy again ❤

This is one of the very first things i learnt to cook for Ben, so it really means alot to me that i am finally able to make the perfect pancakes i have always wanted to for him ❤


  1. 2 Large eggs
  2. 3/4 cup milk (abit more)
  3.  1 2/3 cups plain flour
  4. 2 tsp baking powder
  5. 3 tbsp caster sugar


  1. Whisk all the above till smooth and let batter sit for about 15mins
  2. Panfry in hot pan
  3. Serve warm with butter, maple syrup or your favourite fruits

*Note: I created chocolate pancakes using this recipe by replacing milk with chocolate milk, increasing the sugar to 4tbsp and adding 1 tbsp of cocoa powder. You will not need any syrup for this as it is delish just with butter!

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