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Easy, Moist Chocolate Chip Muffin

It was another morning that I ran out of ideas on what to make Ben for brekkie. it was at that moment when I remembered that I have a new pack of chocolate chips that needs to be used soon. So what better idea than a good old chocolate chip muffin? This recipe yields 8… Continue reading Easy, Moist Chocolate Chip Muffin

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Fried Carrot Cake, simpler recipe

This was my birthday breakfast i planned but silly me froze the carrot cake i needed by mistake. So i made up for it by making it another day. Ben asked what was for lunch and i said carrot cake. When he saw what’s on the table when I am done, he was in shock.… Continue reading Fried Carrot Cake, simpler recipe

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Butter Rice (Popeye’s Copycat)

I absolutely love Popeye’s cajun rice (with heaps of green chilies and soy sauce). I was tired one night and refuse to buy takeaway and i am pretty sick of having fried frice. This is one easy recipe you can whip up on a busy night and you still can enjoy a nice homecooked meal… Continue reading Butter Rice (Popeye’s Copycat)

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Kimchi Soup base for Shabu Shabu/Steamboat

My all time favourite soup base for shabu shabu is definitely Kimchi!! What better choice for my birthday supper? I have tried making the soup a few times before but it always tasted very bland or just weird. Finally i managed to replicate the taste i love at Arashi shabu shabu, actually better! I am… Continue reading Kimchi Soup base for Shabu Shabu/Steamboat

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Straws’n’Cheese Pie

One of my little quick breakfast inventions for Ben so he has the honour of naming this dish! What a cute cute name he came up with! =) All i can say about this dish is, it is easy, quick, yummy, Ben polished up his plate, and i got to do housework while it cooks… Continue reading Straws’n’Cheese Pie

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Perfect Homemade Pancakes (fluffy, fluffy, fluffy!)

Another dish that i have tried for years to perfect. I have always had an obsession with fluffy pancakes but could never quite get it right. I found a japanese pancake premix at the hypermart that was extremely fluffy (but a little too filling). If you are interested, the brand is Moringa and should be… Continue reading Perfect Homemade Pancakes (fluffy, fluffy, fluffy!)

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Roast Chicken Legs in Creamy Corn Sauce and Vegetables

Everytime me or Benny’s mom makes a roast, Ben would never ever eat the roast vegetables. I was thinking of ways to make him eat them and came up with this recipe. Benny loves it so much that i had to quickly write this down in case i forget how to make this dish. I… Continue reading Roast Chicken Legs in Creamy Corn Sauce and Vegetables