Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

I actually make spring rolls very often, the first few times i made them i realise part of the end product turned out soggy and limp while some other parts are nice and crispy. After experimenting a few times, I realised that I have been putting too much fillings in them and thus the pastry will be limp if there is only one layer on them. So with that in mind, all my spring rolls are perfect and crispy!

I also found some seasoning sachets in the asian deli and omg it made the fillings absolutely heavenly! Of all the different fillings i tried, cabbage, carrots and glass noodles would definitely be the best combination. Turnips are great too but they are hard to find, expensive and people seem to like my favourite version too.

PS: people should stop making spring rolls with meat and call them chinese spring rolls! There is no beef , pork, chicken , blah blah blah in spring rolls! If you want to put meat in your rolls, go make ngoh hiang! I’m sorry, I am just so sick of the fake asian food here and people cooking those disgusting crap thinks its real authentic asian food, i think its an insult to our culture!

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