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Perfect Spiral Curry Puffs (酥皮咖哩角)

Being a big fan of curry puffs, i have not had a taste of spiral pastry for the longest time. It is so hard to find this anywhere now as everything is machine made these days, and it does take a little more work to make the spiral pastry compared to the regular pastries. I… Continue reading Perfect Spiral Curry Puffs (酥皮咖哩角)

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No-Knead Cheddar Cheese Bread Rolls

When i came up with this easy recipe, I have very limited ingredients available. I guess the real challenge in cooking and baking is when you have very little ingredients in your pantry and you are faced with a budget constraint. However, as long as you are not very picky and you try to use… Continue reading No-Knead Cheddar Cheese Bread Rolls