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Crispy Flaky Potato Curry Puffs 酥皮咖哩角

When i was a big girl, i will have 6 curry puffs at a go every saturday morning for brekkie. Some potato ones, some sardine ones. I can still remember my big sister’s face when she looked at me eat. The horror! That was how much i like curry puffs! I only have it once in awhile now, but no way i can find it where i live now. For the last few times, i cheated and used puff pastry as the dough looks too intimidating to make. One fine day, i finally decided to try it out, and now i can’t wait to share the recipe with my mom when i am back in Singapore. Its exactly how curry puffs should be, crispy and flaky, yums! Definitely the recipe you should use if you want an authentic taste!


Oil Dough:

  1. 1 cup plain flour
  2. 150g butter

Water Dough:

  1. 2 cup plain flour
  2. 1 tbsp butter
  3. 1/2 tsp salt
  4. 150ml cold water


  1. 2 large potatoes, diced and boiled till tender
  2. 1/2 onion, diced
  3. 2 tsp curry powder
  4. 1 – 2 tbsp sambal chilli (depending on how spicy you want it to be)
  5. 1/4 cup water


  1. Mix and knead oil dough and water dough seperately. Oil dough wll be soft and sticky but smooth without clumps, while water dough should be smooth and elastic and not sticking to your hands.
  2. Cling wrap the doughs seperately tightly and refrigerate for 1 hour exactly.
  3. While waiting for the dough to be ready, start preparing your fillings
  4. Heat up some oil in a wok, and fry onions till soft
  5. Add the chilli and followed by curry powder and fry till fragrant, if  the mixture seems to be too dry, add in abit of water
  6. Fry in the potatoes and add a little water bit by bit, till u get a dry and sticky texture. Remove from heat and cool completely before use.
  7. Take the 2 doughs out from their wraps and roll out the water dough till its about 1/4 inch thick. Place the oil dough on top of the water dough and try to flatten it and roll it out till its the same size as the dough underneath. (oil dough tends to  be flaky and hard to work with so don’t panic. with the support from the water dough, it will be fine)
  8. Fold in all four sides of the water dough, completely wrapping the oil dough inside it.
  9. Flatten the dough and roll out till about 1/4 inch thick again
  10. Fold in all four sides, flatten and roll out the dough again. Repeat this procedure at least 3 times.
  11. Depending on how big your curry puffs to be, cut the dough into round circles, and place some fillings on top before forming the puff. Seal tightly.
  12. Deep fry in hot oil till golden brown

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