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The Best Pizza Recipe

Before Ben and me met, he has always been a pizza kinda guy. Everyone would tell me about his epic stacks of dominoes pizza boxes he had at home. Everytime he orders his pizza, he would go for the “design your own” option (being the ridiculously fussy person he is). We all love pizzas, but it can really become expensive if you have it every other day. After i lived with him, he stopped having pizzas and switched to home-cooked food. I was just thinking, why don’t i try making him some home-made pizzas, so he can have freshly made pizza anytime he likes, and he can put on any toppng he fancies! At a fraction of the price, you can have any of your favourite and most premium toppings. Besides that, we can have cosy pizza nights every week, like those i have always wanted =)

At the first few tries, i always had the problem with the middle bit being soggy and i could not hold the pizza up on its own. I was kinda upset and i know that the problem does not lie with the dough recipe as the sides are always crispy. I realised that you cannot bake it in the “normal” way in a normal home oven because it does not get hot enough. So i did some trial and error with the method of baking it and bought a pizza stone. The secret to a thin and crispy pizza when u are making a home-baked pizza lies in a very very hot preheated oven and pizza stone. Also, i baked the pizza base on its own before putting on the toppings. I was so happy when i tried this method out cause i finally succeeded! The base is finally evenly cooked, thin and crispy! And i can hold the pizza up and eat with my hands! Please try this method out, i guarantee that you can get the perfect home-made pizza!


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