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Crispy Flaky Potato Curry Puffs 酥皮咖哩角

When i was a big girl, i will have 6 curry puffs at a go every saturday morning for brekkie. Some potato ones, some sardine ones. I can still remember my big sister’s face when she looked at me eat. The horror! That was how much i like curry puffs! I only have it once… Continue reading Crispy Flaky Potato Curry Puffs 酥皮咖哩角

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The Best Pizza Recipe

Before Ben and me met, he has always been a pizza kinda guy. Everyone would tell me about his epic stacks of dominoes pizza boxes he had at home. Everytime he orders his pizza, he would go for the “design your own” option (being the ridiculously fussy person he is). We all love pizzas, but… Continue reading The Best Pizza Recipe