New lease of life! =D

Life has been a real roller coaster for the past 6 months and i’m finaly glad that i’ve settled down in a small country town of Albany. It’s a dream come true to lead a peaceful, beautiful life in the countryside with someone who loves me to death =D It’s more than a joy to put in all my effort and make a nice dinner and wait for Ben to come home from work. I’m happy, really!

Well back to cooking, since i moved here, ive learnt heaps of new cooking methods and cuisines! I’ve since became a good baker and learnt how to grill, make pastries, desserts, use all sorts of cheese and loads more! Now i can’t do without all kinds of flours, butter, milk, sugar, yeast etc  in my kitchen at all times! It’s really nice having my very own kitchen, my spices cabinet, my suaces cabinet and even baking needs cabinet!

And now that i’m more familiar with cooking measurements/temperatures etc, i will be sharing the recipes! It will be a good way to help me remember my dishes and recipes too =DDD


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